The Games I Play

Sometimes people ask the weirdest questions. Like ” When are you to old to game?”

I hope the answer is “Never”, I really don’t want to give up on one of my main hobbies -plus – what would become of my Sims?!

Personally I enjoy gaming so much that sometimes I even stream it on Twitch – not because I’m a particular talented gamer, I just like hanging out with friends while doing something I enjoy. I’ve been lucky to be invited to 2 awesome streamteams, so I split my time between Zen and TeamHooman.

So here is a list of some of the games I’m playing at the moment, and some games that are among my alltime favorites.


EVE online : been at it on and off for some years now – but when i feel a need for just hanging out in an asteroid belt this is it.

Don’t Starve: the graphics of this one always blows my mind – so simple and so amazing. Hard but fun. I play the multiplayer version with my boyfriend as well, but for true hardcore mode it’s singleplayer.

The Sims 3 : this is the character creation game of my choice. It just never gets old. I stream Sims 3 every first monday of the month on Twitch, populating a city with characters based on people who hang around in the chat.

Even though there are functionalities i miss from Sims 2, like having a shop at home, I prefer the open city layout of Sims 3. I’m just an open world kind of gal.

Diablo 3 : this is my “clicky-game” for when i just need to kill something without worrying about RP consequenses. DIE DEMON DIE!!! I fill my character slots with all Monks – I mainly play seasonal.