About me

I was born in 1974…..so this could be a lengthy book if i decided to include all the boring details.

Let’s just say

-I was a teen in the 1980’s (punk/goth/skater -possibly confused) watched the Wall fall and Tjernobyl on fire, some great movies and some really bad fashion,

-I was in my 20’s in the 1990’s (art/theater/music/college…/tailoring -still confused) tried going to University (psychology),training as a teacher, worked in a supermarket, the airport, mailservice, schools and youthclubs, before i finally decided on tailoring,

-I was in my 30’s in the 2000’s (boyfriend/gaming/computer science…getting better) when i found out i had a permanent pain issue and had to be reschooled – and computerscience just sounded fun, since i was told that my future worklife – if i wanted one – had to be behind a desk,

…which all leaves me in the 40 plus category- we just settled down in our own house a few years ago.

I have a boyfriend and 3 cats, way to many hobbies and an addiction to really good coffee. I bingewatch Netflix and HBO, have a lifelong love for comicbooks (Calvin and Hobbes forever!) and when i was a kid, all i ever wanted to be was a Disney animator – or anyone involved in special effects – so I’ve done my fair share of Latex and blood as well as drawing.

Most people on the internet knows me as tonniecat , which is the clever abbreviation of my two first names, Tonnie Catharina, that I used when i had to figure out my first charactername for the World of Warcraft release. She was a Dwarf Hunter.

On the professional level I’m a bit of a Jaq-of-all-Trades .I’ve always been addicted to learning, without too much bias against any subject in particular – choosing is hard you guys!

So I’m a trained classical tailor specialized in patterngrading – and I picked up a degree in computer science focused on gamedesign and algorhytms – plus an exam in danish employment-law …. you get the picture – I’m a bit random 😉