The Way of the Weird – a tribute to Felicia Day

Let’s get it out there – I’m a bit of a fangirl. And a geek.

This should make it obvious, that Felicia Day’s book “You’re never weird on the Internet (almost)” – about embrasing your weird – is right up my alley.

Whether you are looking for inspiration about making it on social media,  have thoughts about starting out on a business venture your own – or you just plain want an engaging read – this might just be a book for you too.

Being nerdy or a geek has always been a challenge in a normative society, but Felicia’s memoir breaks away from the accepted view of weird as always being a downside and states clearly, that conforming to social norms just for the sake of conforming is not the way to go.

Your “weird” might actually be the one thing that makes you exceptional – and it could be the startingpoint for realising your dreams.

The book is a wellwritten, lighthearted read, with a lot of funny anecdotes about her personal experiences about growing up socially awkward and finding a place for herself online with likeminded people.

To me it’s no wonder that she is a rolemodel in alot of the online communities I participate in (including my own Furballs on twitch – love you guys!) – the message about respect for yourself and others and what each can bring to the table is universal.

So thank you Felicia, for once again bringing me inspiration and helping me to find my voice – after all i wouldn’t be here, visible for all the world to see, if it wasn’t for you.


The Power of Boredom

Lately I’ve been immensly bored. Partly due to lack of work, partly because it is the season to be bored. The outside is cold and uninviting.

To me it’s all part of the creative process. Winter boredom triggers something inside, a need to be active- to do ANYTHING besides staying put and let the boredom continue.

This time around so far it’s lead to this new version of the website, a few drawings – and alot of cleaning. Making room for new stuff is usually a sign that I’m almost ready to start creating again, so the obsessive cleaning of my digital and RL spaces has to be seen as a good sign, that after winter – spring is coming 😉


Finally updating my outdated site.

So yes, winter is here and I’m bored.

After sorting my emails and aquiring a new free online diploma in something random , I decided it was time to reboot this old thing. And for the first time ever I decided that I was just to lazy to code everything from scratch. Enter WordPress – so easy to use that I almost felt cheated.

You have to understand, right now I’m bored, out of work and NEED a challenge. So I almost uninstalled, just to get my usual struggle and the accustomed hours of tweaking for the maximum crossplatform-usability… – but I stopped, as something occurred to me.

For once I’ll be able to focus a bit on the content! What a change of pace. Because this is not the early 90’s – even though that sometimes seems like yesterday to us old folks – and just because i know how to code , today I really don’t have too.

I did do a few codechanges, minor ones like changing alignnone to aligncenter … but so far i think I’ll leave it at that and just enjoy the easy life.

Happy January everyone.